Three Layer Felt Roofing


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Middlebrook undertake the laying of felt roofs, taking care to ensure that the job is done properly.

Felt Roof Laying Procedure

  • Preparation of the roof
  • Laying the first nailed layer of underlay felt
  • Laying the second bonded layer of underlay felt
  • Installation of gutter drips
  • Laying the top bonded layer of top sheet felt
  • Installing any verge edge and edging to a vertical wall and flashing
  • Finishing touches

We take into account guttering edges, verge drips and triangular fillets. Underlay and top sheet are the two basic material types needed; thickness and finish vary to suit customer specification.
It is important to use the right size of nail, allow for overlap, remove air bubbles and always use a cutting board. Laying a felt roof is hard manual work and must be done with care and attention to detail.

Middlebrook have the experience and knowledge to perform this work properly and efficiently, securing your roof against adverse weather conditions for many years to come.

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