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At Middlebrook Property Maintenance we can repoint your property to the highest standards to avoid damp and make the whole apeal of your property far more presentable.

Sound mortar normally does not need to be removed from a building during the repointing process, although such a practice is common. New mortar can be designed to match the color and texture of existing mortar to avoid visual aberrations. The repointing process begins by removing damaged pointing to a depth equal to or slightly more than the width of the joint, or to the point where sound mortar is reached. Depths greater than 2-1/2" or 4 cm should be filled in several passes, allowing the mortar to cure for at least 24 hours. The joint profile should be as rectangular as possible as the new pointing mortar should be allowed ample opportunity to bond with the masonry unit.

Removal of old mortar between joints should be done carefully to avoid damage to masonry units. On very old buildings with soft materials, such as under-fired brick, removal by hand is often the most effective to avoid damage. Hard Portland cement mortar is usually removed with a grinder or power circular masonry blade, taking care not to damage the masonry units. Vertical joints in most cases are always done by hand or with small power chisels. Middlebrook can perform repointing to brickwork, roof ridge tiles and chimneys.

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